Friday, 23 November 2012

Last lovable meet!

♥ It was a fresh morning, she started all way from her home to meet and spend time with me.. With fear on her face she was staring at the new place.. But within minutes seeing me, her eyes were sparkling with love.. 
   ♥ Unfortunately couldn't spend time, greeted each other and asked her to wait for some time.. With her innocent and cute expression, she nodded.. Mixed with the beautiful morning and the gentle breeze, all way humming my favorite songs she was waiting in the lawn.. 
   ♥ I was wondering what would be going in her mind where I'm filled with her name..! She was out of my sight but not from my mind.. I badly needed her to be my side.. I was thinking about the sweet times I spend with her.. so that I thought the time would pass on.. 
   ♥ Our first meet.. Her reactions when I proposed her.. It was she the one person who can make me smile instantly, even if I'm sad.. Thinking about her the time went on.. I was brought back from her memories to reality by my colleague.. 
   ♥ With lots of happiness I came running to see my girl, who was all way waiting for me more than 3 hours.. She stood up from the bench.. With a warm sweet smile on her lips, blushing on her lovable idiot.. I know I hurt and made her to be alone but still I believed that she would admit and endured everything just for me..
   ♥ We caught hold each other’s hand firmly.. Both were filled with love lingers.. Though I love to hear her voice.. Our eyes spoke.. When I was looking at her eyes, it was awesome to know that she already started reading mine! We had food together.. 
    ♥ Admiring me she was looking down.. I silently loved her shy looks, which were penetrating deep inside my heart..! No words can fully explain all the feelings I have for her.. A walk, were she was having her drink in one hand, and me in other, was looking around the new place like a child.. 
    ♥ Her naughty talk with winking smiles made me speechless.. The only thing running in my mind was.. She is all mine.. My better-half.. All cute thing she did simply tickled my heart.. I could give up my eternity to be with her always.. I was blissed out, to know, that a soul's care, affection, trust and love is there for me.. just for me.. 
  ♥ She, my world defined my life.. Sitting next looking at me, she was mesmerizing.. Loving each other we haven’t noticed the time.. She started shivering.. I caught her tight, which made her to chill out! But its my duty to make her safely to reach home.. So took her in my bike.. 
    ♥ One of the best moment of our lives.. A long drive with my beloved one at my back, who was secretly seeing me through the mirror.. Wished that she should be at my back as my strength to support in everything I do.. She was happily lying on me.. The gentle breeze played a melody for our love! 
    ♥ Suddenly, we were disturbed by the bus horn.. Realized that she has to go.. With tears she saw me.. I controlled since she would never leave seeing my pain.. Dissembling, I smiled, but she understood me.. So wiped but with a sad shrink face, she nodded as a sign of bye.. I said 'I love you', which turned my angel’s sorrow to a wide smile..                                                                    
   ♥ She got into the bus.. peeped out in search of me.. She was flying to know that I came along with the bus.. Later she forced me to leave half- heartedly..  Her glowing face in sunset, ardent lovely eyes still being as a photographic memory in my heart! 

    ♥ We both had no idea, that it would be our last lovable meet..! ♥

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rash drivers!

        Days back, I been for shopping with my sister. While returning home we just came in a share-auto. The driver was driving so rash, even after we asked him to be slow. Actually, he was competing with his fellow-driver aside! A lady got into the auto as the 4th person (last person). Unfortunately, her leg was slightly protruded outside the auto. And that bloody idiot to overcome his fellow-mate just drove the auto so close to the parking area of a shop, among which a bike hit the lady's knee, and she started bleeding. It was all way flowing towards her feet. It was so pathetic to see her, just a minute ago she got into the auto and met with an accident like this. The bike's seat, which hit her just flown away, then just imagine how fast he might have drove. He was so merciless, made all of us get down and started to make a move! Later she been taken to hospital and people near caught him to police! But just think about the lady, her pain, her blood loss. Couldn't see her cry, it was so pity. This is just one example, million and millions of accident happens everyday, among which many happens because of careless driving. Even in my own life, I met with an accident by my college bus. The same way, my driver used to drove rashly and compete with others. Once though he applied break, our bus didn't stop. It just went and hit to the opposite vehicle. The front glass were broken into sizzling bits. Thought my life could end over there. Fortunately, nothing happened big to us! Why this happens? They just compete with their parallel vehicles. It just became their mentality (I don't blame everyone, few are like this) I merely don't understand whats the bloody use of it, they simply wanna prove their co-drivers, that they are elegant and efficient in driving! Road is not the race course to compete with the vehicles aside and win laurels. I don't know whether any auto,bus or taxi driver could read my blog. (If that happens, I consider that as my boon) But who reads this will drive in your daily life. Bike, car anything just maintain a normal speed. Don't try to compete with your fellow-mates. If they do let them, let the change begin from you! Its just my humble request. Slow drive, saves life. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Earth Arts

Checkerboard Ground, London Volunteers cut a checkerboard design into the lawn at London’s National Trust Ham House Garden—the 17th-century residence of the Duchess of Lauderdale.

Celtic Horse, Slovakia This 330-by-330-foot (100-by-100-meter) geoglyph, or stone sculpture, was painstakingly built in Slovakia by Australian artist Andrew Rogers.The Celtic horse, unveiled in 2008, was modelled after the drawings on a coin found under the 12th-century Spis (accent on the s) castle.
Celestial Vault, the Netherlands  The Celestial Vault is a 98-by-131-foot (30-by-40-meter) wide artificial crater scooped out of sand dunes along the Netherlands’ coast.
Crop Circles, England Crop circles decorate a wheat field in Wiltshire County, England. This southwestern region of the U.K. is also famous for the prehistoric monument Stonehenge.
Nasca Lines, Peru
From the air, you can see ancient spiders, hummingbirds, and other creatures carved into Peruvian ground.Archaeologists and other interested parties have described them as the remnants of old roads, irrigation schemes, astronomical calendars, even as alien landing strips, or images to be admired from primitive hot-air balloons.
Palm Islands, Dubai Palm Jumeirah is one of three offshore resort and housing developments for the uber rich. Together, the islands may be the world’s largest land reclamation project, with Jumeirah alone requiring up to seven million tons of rock.

Circle in the Sand, Oregon Artist Jim Denevan rakes sand to create expansive designs that the tide will promptly wash away. This swirl, drawn on Canon Beach in Oregon in 2005, is just one of dozens of very temporary installations Denevan has imprinted on the Earth. 

Spiral Jetty, Utah This work of art—called Spiral Jetty—is a seminal example of Earth or land art. Built in 1970 with mud, 6,650 tons of basalt rock, and the help of contractors, the jetty is 1,500 feet (457 meters) long.

Star Axis, New Mexico The tunnel is part of a larger sculpture called Star Axis, an 11-story concept that artist Charles Ross birthed in 1971 and started building years later.

Sun Tunnels, Utah Sun Tunnels is the configuration of four 18-foot-long (5.5-meter-long) and 9-foot-wide (2.7-meter-wide) cement pipes that have been strategically perforated to highlight celestial constellations, as well as the sun during the summer and winter solstices.